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Ferrari Brochure
1977 Ferrari brochure featuring 208/308GT4, 308GTB/S-USA & European spec. BB512 and 400A models. With specifications and colour photos throughout. In very good condition
BR-FERR - £29.95


Fiat Gamine Brochure
A rare fold out sales brochure for these quirky little cars. Italian text with b/w photos and a diagram inside. Condition is fair with a water stain (as shown) and scuff marks around the edges.
BR-FGAM - £12.95


Fiat Body Colour Chart 1970
A small pamphlet dated March 1970 and issued by Fiat England Ltd and in good condition. 
BR-FCLR - £4.95


Fiat 127 Brochure
A full colour brochure that emphasizes more on visual representation than lots of facts. But there are still short sections on the clever design of such a compact car. In very good condition. 
BR-F127 - £8.95


Ferrari 365BB Brochure
Original large format sales brochure from 1973. Multilingual, with technical specifications and colour photographs. In good condition with some wear to the edges. Very rare!
BR-365BB - £95.95


Fiat Gamine Brochure
A rare A4 sized doubled sided sales brochure issued by F. Demetriou & Son Ltd, Sole Importers of Fiat-Vignale cars in the U.K. In fair condition with some creases down the left side and right corners.
BR-FGAM2 - £8.95


Fiat 125 Special Brochure
A full colour landscape foldout brochure showing the engine, chassis and drive train alongside detailed information and specification. Has the original dealer stamp but otherwise in great condition.
BR-F125S - £8.95


Fiat X1/9 VS Brochure
A four page colour brochure dated May 1985.Inside pages show interior and exterior shots with captions, sales text and specification. In good condition. 
BR-FX19 - £10.95


Ferrari 512BB Brochure
1978 large format sales brochure. Multilingual, with specifications and fantastic colour photos throughout. In very good condition with only one minor crease and a small mark inside.
BR-512BB - £64.95


Fiat Range Brochure
A full range fold out colour brochure featuring 500 600 850 128 124 125 Dino Coupe and Spider plus the 130. In good condition. 
BR-FRNG - £8.95


Fiat 125 Special Brochure
A full colour landscape foldout brochure showing a complete interior layout accompanied by some nice exterior shots and brief technical detail. Original dealer stamp present otherwise in great condition.
BR-F125S2 - £8.95


Fiat Panda 4x4 Brochure
Dated September 1984 this two page colour brochure features facts, photos and specifications. In good condition.
BR-F4X4 - £9.95

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