Brochures 13

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Thomson Caravan Brochure 1975

Thomson T-Line Caravan Brochure
A 5 page fold out brochure from 1975 featuring the Clan Glen and River series of caravans and in good condition. 
BR-THO - £3.95

1964 Triumph 2000 Brochure 

Triumph 2000 Brochure
A 14 page brochure dated August 1964 featuring two fold out pages with great period pictures and technical specification at the back. In good condition with minor creases on the covers.  
BR-TR2000 - £10.95

1976 Triumph Dolomite Brochure

Triumph Dolomite Brochure
Dated 1976 and featuring the 1850 HL and Sprint models in colour with technical details at the back and in good condition. 
BR-TDS - £10.95


Vauxhall Opel Range Brochure

Vauxhall Opel Range Brochure
An 83 page Vauxhall range booklet with each model individually featured along with technical details. In good condition. 
BR-VR82 - £10.95


2016 Vauxhall Astra Model Range Brochure

Vauxhall Astra Range Brochure
A 75 page sales booklet featuring the 2016 Astra including the Sports Tourer model. With full technical details and specification. 
BR-VA16 - £4.95


Toyota Previa Brochure 1995

Toyota Previa Brochure
An 11 page brochure dated June 1995 with lots of colour photographs along with a full technical specification list and in good condition. 
BR-TYO - £7.95

Triumph 2000 6 Cylinder Brochure 

Triumph 2000 6 Cylinder Brochure
An 18 page brochure dated October 1964 with great colour pictures and technical detail at the back. In good condition with minor scuffs on the covers.  
BR-TR2000B - £12.95

1977 Triumph TR7 Brochure

Triumph TR7 Brochure
A full colour brochure from 1977 with some fold out pages and technical specification at the back. In good condition. Other TR7 items available. 
BR-TR7 - £10.95


1997 Vauxhall Corsa Brochure

Vauxhall Corsa Brochure
A 1997 Corsa range brochure in full colour featuring every model along with technical specification and options. In good condition. 
BR-VCR - £9.95


Volvo T5R Brochure

Volvo T5R Brochure
A large format brochure measuring approx. 40cm by 29cm with individual colour feature cards inside showing the car off. Some wear to the cover but in good condition inside and rare. 
BR-T5R - £9.95


Standard Triumph Personal Export Scheme Bokklet

Triumph Personal Export Brochure
A rare Standard Triumph promotional booklet aimed at the export market. circa mid 60's and in good condition other than a diagonal crease. 
BR-TXP - £8.95

Triumph 2000 Estate Car Brochure 

Triumph 2000 Estate Car Brochure
An 18 page colour brochure dated October 1965 which includes the new Estate model. In good condition with minor scuffs on the covers and two small pen marks.  
BR-TREST - £12.95

Vauxhall all model catalogue 1977

Vauxhall All Model Brochure 1977
An all model Vauxhall catalogue from 1977 featuring James Hunt on the front cover. Includes full details of each model and in good condition for its age. 
BR-VR77 - £12.95


Vauxhall Astra GTC Brochure

Vauxhall Astra GTC Brochure
A 43 page sales booklet featuring the 2012 Astra GTC models complete with specification and options details. Modern therefore in great condition. 
BR-VAS - £4.95


Volvo 480 Celebration Brochure 1995

Volvo 480 Celebration Brochure
A rare limited edition Volvo 480 Celebration brochure from 1995. In full colour with 4 fold out pages and specification details at the back. In good condition. 
BR-V480 - £24.95

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