Brochures 8

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Jaguar XJ6 and XJ12 Sovereign Brochure

Jaguar XJ6 XJ12 Sovereign Brochure
A large format brochure covering the XJ and Sovereign range with glossy photos and a technical section. In good condition. 
BR-XJ12 - £14.95


Jaguar XJ220 Limited Edition Sales Brochure

Jaguar XJ220 Brochure
A very rare large format XJ 220 supercar brochure with stunning glossy photos technical details and specification. In great condition. 
BR-XJ220 - £45.00


1997 Land Rover Defender Brochure

1997 Land Rover Defender Brochure
A 26 page A4 size colour brochure that includes lots of specification detail as well as options. In good condition with some scuff marks. 
BR-DEF97 - £12.95


2011 Land Rover Defender Brochure

2011 Land Rover Defender Brochure
A glossy 46 page full colour sales booklet for the 2011 Land Rover Defender including specification, technical data, and available options. In excellent condition. 
BR-DEF11 - £9.95

Land Rover Discovery 3 Brochure

Land Rover Discovery 3 Brochure
A thick colour sales booklet featuring lots of great colour photos plus specification and options. In very good condition 
BR-DIS03 - £14.95


Jaguar XJ Series Luxury Hardback Sales Brochure

Jaguar XJ Series Brochure
A large format luxury sales book with 40 pages of glossy photos along with specification and colour chart. In very good condition.
BR-XJ8 - £12.95


Jiffy kit built truck brochure

Jiffy Brochure
A rare two sided brochure for the Jiffy kit built truck with brief specification details on the back and in good condition. 
BR-JIF - £4.95

Land rover Defender Brochure

Land Rover Defender Brochure
Dated 2004 with artistic glossy photos throughout with seperate specification brochure. In very good condition. 
BR-DEF - £9.95


Land Rover Discovery Brochure

Land Rover Discovery Launch Brochure
A luxurious 65 page sales booklet featuring lots of brilliant colour photos along with full technical specification including body and interior colour charts. In very good condition 
BR-DIS - £9.95

Land Rover Discovery 4 Brochure

Land Rover Discovery 4 Brochure
Publication no. LRML 31/70/10 dated 2010 is a full colour glossy sales brochure containing 43 pages complete with technical data. The booklet is in excellent condition. 
BR-DIS04 - £14.95


Jaguar S Type Accessories Brochure

Jaguar S Type Accessories Brochure
A rare 24 page accessories booklet for the 2002 Jaguar S Type. In very good condition. 
BR-JSA - £4.95


1974 Land Rover Model Range Brochure

1974 Land Rover Range Brochure
A 1974 range brochure featuring the 88 and 109 inch models plus Station Wagon. with colour illustrations throughout and in good condition. 
BR-LR - £8.95


2009 Land Rover Defender Brochure

2009 Land Rover Defender Sales Guide
A 29 page full colour brochure featuring lots of great photos plus specifcation and colour choices. In excellent condition. 
BR-DEF09 - £19.95


2002 Land Rover Discovery Brochure

2002 Land Rover Discovery Brochure
A 26 page sales booklet with lots of glossy photos and a seperate specification booklet. In very good condition 
BR-DIS02 - £9.95

Land Rover Freelander Dealers Product Directory

Land Rover Freelander Product Directory
A rare 79 page product information book as previously used in dealerships. With model features competitor comparisons and more. 
BR-FRL - £9.95

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