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Vintage BP 2 gallon Fuel Can
Includes brass BP cap. Spruce up or display as is.


Motaquip Fan Belt Signs
Two card fan belt signs with application charts.
AMB-MOTAQUIP - £6.00 each


Vauxhall Seat Protector
Vauxhall single seat protector. Part number: 7175709. An original, unused, boxed Vauxhall Bedford approved accessory. Complete with fitting instructions.
AMB-SEAT - £15.00


Emergency Windscreen
A new old stock period accessory from the late 1960s. With instructions and application list.
AMB-SCREEN - £15.00


Vintage Shell 2 gallon Fuel Can
Includes Shell brass cap and embossed with Shell logo & "Shell motor spirit". Repaint or display as is.


Trico Wiper Blade Cards
Two plastic reference cards for Trico wiper blades from 1967/69
AMB-TRICOBLADES - £3.00 each


BP Energol Oil Bottle Dispenser
Approx: 23cm x 24.5cm. In good condition with some wear around the edges.
AMB-BPTIN - £15.00



Austin Mini Lubrication Chart
Castrol lubrication chart for Austin Mini in great condition with only minor staining visible in photo.


Zemco Signs
Zemco in-car computer cardboard sign and literature.
AMB-ZEMCO - £10.00



To reserve any of the items shown here, send an email to quoting the blue part number or use our contact form

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